The teachers of Russian Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) about participant «Sozvezdiye – Yoldyzlyk»

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Every year the «Sozvezdiye – Yoldyzlyk» festival participants join the students’ brotherhood of the best state universities. In 2009 seven members of the festival movement will graduate the most prestigious art university, the Russian Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), Moscow.

Today’s graduates defended their degree work by showing a concert named «Alone on the stage…» Among the audience of this magnificent performance there was also Dmitry Tumanov, general producer of the «Sozvezdiye – Yoldyzlyk» festival, and the journalists from Kazan.

The students’ work is being assessed by Professor Mikhail Borisov, head of the Department of Variety-Show Art, RADA, and other great teachers.

M. Borisov was anxious about the success of the concert no less than the students themselves.

In his interview, M. Borisov says that the students from Tatarstan are the favourites and the leaders of the course. For example, Ruzil Gatin has become a great artist. He has a great gift as a comedian which has been noticed by the TV authorities and they are ready to promote him.

Another student, Volodya Shnitko, has a strong voice. In M. Borisov’s opinion he must participate in variety contests. V. Shnitko together with Katya Danilova is engaged in the musical «The Westside Story», where K. Danilova has the leading part.

Alexey Rodionov is also a promising artist. He possesses his own individuality, considerable leadership potential and has excellent vocal and artistic abilities.

M. Borisov speaks of Irida Khusainova as his favourite. She has already appeared in films and has a brilliant career and opportunities for further growth and development.

And last but not least is Katya Solovyova who has already become a great actress.

Talking of the factors contributing to the gifted children’s success, M. Borisov notes the role of family environment, a teacher’s guidance and self-discipline. Issues of ethics and the atmosphere on the course are as important as self-discipline and estimate of the abilities. M. Borisov stresses that they work in a really warm and friendly atmosphere.

Speaking of the «Sozvezdiye – Yoldyzlyk» festival, M. Borisov said that it is a unique project. Tatarstan is an example for all Russia. It shows how we should work with our children, how we should invest our efforts, time and attention. Only in this case the next generation can give a lot to its country, can create inestimable values. And in this direction Tatarstan is a leader.

M. Borisov said a few words about the festival’s general producer Dmitry Tumanov whom he has known for a long time already. He is devoted to art and culture because he himself is an artist, man of creative nature. He likes working with genuinely gifted children. And the job he is doing is extremely difficult as he is working his way being a pioneer. This is his life and the true artists that you see here today are his achievement.

At the end of the interview M. Borisov expressed his hope that if the «Sozvezdiye – Yoldyzlyk» magazine gives account of the real state of things in culture, it will be only wonderful. He welcomed all the participants of the festival to come to the Academy to study and wished them success.

Professor Oleg Marusev, honoured artist of the Russian Federation, also shared his impression of the festival. He said he likes the strong individuality of the children from Tatarstan. He has no doubts about the young people’s future - each of them will find a well-deserved job. Tatarstan is a lucky region because it is ruled by competent official bodies headed by Mintimer Shaymiyev.

Professor Gumet Aliyev, pro-rector of the RADA, together with M. Borisov judges the «Sozvezdiye – Yoldyzlyk» festival . He noted that ‘Sozvezdiye’ could not have come into existence without the appropriate conditions in the Republic. Without the President’s will the festival could not be so widespread. He is convinced that the example of Tatarstan shows that something good is happening in the country when it turns its face towards its people.

Alfia Zakieva